Affordable abstract art images.
Digital download, for your Samsung Frame TV, or for printing.
Pre-printed and framed available.

wide horizonal abstract art of blue, orange, green in wood frame

Entice the Mind with Wall Art

We sometimes take four granted the decor of our spaces, our homes, our rooms. That way, we can then relax in them.

Yet we crave new experiences, new places.

Art is a little window into another way of thinking, or seeing.

I make my wall art to lure the eyes into a little play (which is why I make lines and shapes that wander, change, play hide-and-seek).

I also like to invite your mind into a little peaceful space, which is one reason why there are a lot of long, horizontal, pastel-coloured our neutral, wide designs here - like imaginary landscapes. Even a skinny, tall design can guide your eye down to earth.


StillMovingArt is my art project that won't sit still (
It's a relaxing space on the web, like watching a stream.
Absorbing but not demanding.
Still, yet moving.

(Like this exhibition: "Moving Still Still Moving")

With peaceful, pleasing abstract art, your home can be more like that.