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Gallery Walls for Art - Why and How

Bedroom wall with empty frames
Don't look at the bed - look at me!

What are Gallery Walls?

Black study wall with white picture frames and chair
Bold tones - can the art match it?

Gallery walls are an idea for wall decoration which has been around for a long time. Yet it grew much more popular on online art sites in the last couple of years.

What are they good for?

As with all design, gallery walls can serve different aesthetics, in their picture content as well as their arrangement style.

They can express :-

Diversity (or "maximalism" at the extreme) and contain a wide variety of styles and subjects;

Wall with diverse pictures and frames loosely arranged
If your work is too monotonous...look up!

Grey wall with black-and-white photographs
Consistent colours and frames, diverse subjects

or they can express harmony and unity by keeping a consistent style and / or format.

Bedroom wall with symmetrical set of abstract pictures
One design cut up, makes a pattern

You can think of the arrangement and the picture content separately, or together, like the elements of a picture. These two aspects can express different things, or the same, depending on how strong you want the effect to be.

Picture Content

Is the content of your collection the most important thing about it?

For example: you might be wanting to gather together a set of photos of a particular person, group, place, or time in your life.

Eight photos from a wedding on a wall
A formal occasion, a formal layout