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Once Upon an Art Project: StillMovingArt.Net

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

As a kid, I loved drawing. Then technology took my interest, study, and the "need to get a job". As a Uni student, I was fascinated by ambient music, and by Brian Eno's generative, meditative art installations; with the art of growing pictures. I could do that with computers, but it would have been a bit sterile.

Late in my IT career, I took photos of natural, found, and made-up patterns and textures, and built a website to interweave them (see: People liked the way these pictures sit quietly, like a stream passing by.

I recorded some sequences as long videos, and put them to ambient music. Robert Rich's music really suited the organic styles (and Robert liked them too!).

So here was a kind of visual and musical meditation. Always changing, always familiar.

Sometimes friends and family said "Can you stop it there? I like that one!" but that's like stopping a river. It's already moved on.

So I started taking screenshots, as still images for people to keep.

But good images are much larger than my screen! So guess what? I went back to drawing and painting. And this website (along with my Etsy Shop) is the result.

And these days? I still see The Importance of Staring Out The Window.

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