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What art is best for a bedroom?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Moods and words

Your bedroom wall art should suit what your bedroom is for, and what mood you want to be in when you're there.

Now, this seems like a very personal topic to be getting into, and everyone has a different boat to float here: bedrooms can be used in a range of ways. But some of the mood words we might associate with bedrooms are:

- warm, cozy, cuddly, intimate, private, sensual

- restful, spacious, relaxed, wide, slow, sleepy,

- dreamy, drifty,

- drifty, smooth,

- connected, cared for,

- cheerful, cute

- sexy +

bold, a bit provocative.

Which of these moods is most important to you? Or is there more than one (for different parts of the room, or times of the day)? Knowing your "theme", you can learn what to look for. All the elements in a wall art work contribute to creating a feeling or a mood.

The Elements At Work

What makes a calm, warm, intimate, sleepy artwork? Aspect, Shape, Form, Line, Pattern, Colour, Texture and Tone are all basic elements of art, and each one (or a combination) can help.

Below I'll explore these, using examples from my own abstract (but you already know that I think you should only buy abstract, don't you? :-) )

Picture shape (aspect):

Vertical pieces tend to be "in suspension" and to add gravity to the scene.

Your eyes (if not your head) have to move to take it in. It's not very stable.

But panoramic, wide works feel stable, and allow the sense of

Pink abstract with white grey moving lines
It's stable, but the lines are restless

everything" being at rest".

Line: - horizontal, long lines do the same (like sea waves; banks of clouds). Gently curving, soft-edged, separated lines can be even better, by taking away any sense of hardness (whereas