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The line comes and goes, swirls and twirls, like a silly string. As if traced out by the arm of an elegant dancer.


This energetic, white and mustard, minimalist artwork is a hand-drawn countour.
It's digital download which you can turn into a monochrome wall art print.

Its shape (3:1 ratio, quite wide and long, as well as skinny/narrow) will suit horizontal spaces above long sofas; or if turned 90 degrees to be vertical, it can help with difficult spaces such as ends of hallways or under stairs.



- EIther just print the PDF from your own computer OR

- Send the JPG file to an online printer.


Once purchased, you will receive a link to download the files.


JPEG files for:

2:3 ratio (e.g. for printing 20x30 inch)

3:4 ratio (e.g. for printing 12x18)

4:5 ratio (e.g. for printing 8x10 or 16x20 inch)

11:17 ratio


PDF files at specific sizes (for printing at home): **

8x10 inch

11x17 inch

16inch by 20inch

20cm by 30cm

20in by 30in

50cm by 70cm

One line / continuous line wall art; Abstract figure in mustard yellow

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