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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer prints as well as downloads?
    Yes. I use printing services world-wide to print (and frame) my designs and ship them to you (at no cost to you)

  • You only offer selected designs as prints. Can I ask for something else?
    Yes. The prints shown are just some of the more popular ones. I'm happy to add any of my designs. Just contact me or Chat and you can I will sort it.

  • I want to buy a printable file of your art, but I need to print at a particular shape. Can you help?
    - Yes. Let me know what the dimensions are. I can send you a sample resized image, to make sure it looks right. (note that some sizes or shapes might not be of good enough quality; I'll advise you on that). No charge for this!

  • Why the koala on your Google Business Page??
    :-) We see and hear so many koalas in Upper Sturt. There's often one in the tree outside my studio window.
    They're very good at staying Still. They Move slowly. It's an Art. (ahem).

  • Can I buy your art elsewhere?
    I'm glad you asked!

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