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How To Add (Upload) Art to your Samsung Frame TV

You've downloaded one of my Samplers, or some of my quality Samsung art? Great!

Here is how to get it onto your TV!

You download the file to your phone, and then use the Samsung Smart Things App (in Art Mode) to put it on your Frame TV.


(If you prefer a video explanation, go here. )


1. Use your phone (and make sure it is connected to WiFi).

2. Make sure you have the "Samsung Smart Things" app installed, and connected to your Samsung Frame.


3. Make sure your phone and the Frame TV are on the same WiFi network (e.g. your home network).

4. Go to Photos on your phone, and create a folder specially for Frame. (For example: "Frame TV Art").

5.Finally: stand in the place where you're likely to be viewing your art.


1. Using your phone, download the files from this store.

2. Save to Photos, in your new folder.

3. Open Samsung Smart Things app, choose "Art Mode".

4. Select the photo you want and upload it to the Frame.

5. Select the frame type you want. You can just leave it as "no mat", or select one of the frame options.
Now you can make adjustments, to make the art look its best. Both colour and brightness can be adjusted.


Still not sure how to do this?
Here's Samsung's guide on uploading (US):

Show Me! (Video)

Also, Erin from TechGadgetsCanada, offers a nice video on this (see below). It even mentions slideshows and art effects.

Visit the web page for more.

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